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Jess Indeedy’s Top 10: Newington Green

Here’s a guide to my favourite places in and around Newington Green, in case you’re ever in this neck of the woods! Once known as a neighbourhood for dissenting intellectuals, nowadays you could safely switch ‘dissenting’ for ‘discerning’.

Photo courtesy of the fantastic LoveRichCashPoor.

1. Newington Green Fruit & Veg
This shop offers high-quality, perfectly ripe, beautiful fruit and veg and is enough reason alone to move to this area. I’m in here every day and believe it is partly responsible for my good health and happiness. I know people that travel quite a way to come here for their weekly fruit and veg shop.
109 Newington Green Rd, London N1 4QY

2. Belle Epoque Patisserie
Do not mess with the French and their pastry. This place nails it. I can’t believe there is a place that offers haute-patisserie footsteps from my home. They also make a mean croque-monsieur that brings nostalgic tears to my eyes as I think of my semester in Paris during university. The nice lady in this cafe recently told me that she’d make me profiteroles if I ordered them in advance (Squeal! Treadmill.).
37 Newington Green, London, UK N16 9PR


3. Gallo Nero Italian Delicatessen
An amazing selection of cured meats, cheeses, antipasti, and everything you’d expect in a (gourmet’s) Italian pantry. I highly recommend the green olives with lemon and garlic. I always stop here when I’m having lunch guests or a picnic with DJ Helix. Oh and it’s run by real, live Italian people which just makes me instantly hungry.
45 Newington Green Rd, London N1 4QT


4. Shine On The Green
This salon/spa/holistic health centre is my worst-kept secret. I send all my friends here for massages, facials, haircuts, holistic treatments. Helix and I make simultaneous hair appointments here and sit side by side as Paola and Sandro work their magic. It’s a beautiful space, light and airy and they use all Aveda products. I feel relaxed just typing about it!
20 Newington Green, London N16 9PU

5. The Hops & Glory
Technically not Newington Green, but this nearby pub features an exhaustive offering of ales suited to people like me that talk about beer like it’s wine. There is a generous choice of draught options, and I find this place excellent for meeting friends or having funtrepreneur business meetings.
382 Essex Rd, London N1 3PF

01 Adana
6. 01 Adana Turkish Restaurant
The quality of the food here is incredible. You can bring your family for a long lunch, you can stop here after a night out for a healthy kebab, you can even order off their menu and have it delivered until 3am. This restaurant was opened by one of the original Turkish restaurateurs in London, Kenan Gumus. They have been known to substitute pitta bread for rice for me when I order their tavuk yogurtlu on gluten-free days. Heaven.
25-27 Green Lanes N16 9BS

7. The Canonbury Pub
This is my local crowd-pleaser pub. I can take anyone here, from in-laws to dear friends to event clients. Their Sunday Roast is always reliably delicious, their quiz is wacky and hilarious, and they’re cool with Marlowe our cocker spaniel.
21 Canonbury Place, Highbury, London, N1 2NS

8. The Basketball Courts at St. Paul’s Shrubbery
I’m tall, I’m American = I play basketball. When I discovered this FULL basketball court less than a minute from my house I ran home to get my basketball and started shooting hoops immediately. Swish!

9. The Smokehouse
A kabillion ales on tap. A gorgeous gourmet meaty menu. Marlowe was once Dog Of The Day here. The service is impeccable. I bring old friends here, I while away the afternoon ordering whatever I want, Marlowe gets lots of cuddles and attention from fellow customers. I wish I had the time to go here more often.
63-69 Canonbury Rd, London N1 2DG

10. The Peanut Vendor
This adorable vintage furniture shop boasts mid-century pieces that make one constantly think ‘I need that’. I’ve not bought anything in here yet but I do visit often and see some very interesting stuff. It’s only a matter of time really. Check out their website for what they’ve got in at the moment and prepare to have the e-version of ‘I need that’.
133 Newington Green Road Islington N1 4RA

Did I forget anything? I’d love to hear about your favourite parts of this fun neighbourhood – please comment below!

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