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I Love Lists: A Guide To The World’s First List-Making Night

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You’re probably here because you love lists. Well my dear, you are amongst friends! I Love Lists is a workshop experience for people who like to stay organised and use the power of list-making to improve their lives. The night is fun and positive, with a little sprinkling of self-improvement. There are cocktails involved. It’s basically a dream come true for the ambitious over-achievers of London.

Here’s a guide to your I Love Lists experience:

Firstly, is I Love Lists for me?
I Love Lists is for people who love making lists and want to have fun and learn more about themselves and their friends. We share our list entries with the room on the night, which include our views, ideas and dreams. We also share silly topics like our favourite breakfasts. The environment is friendly and positive and there is 0% heckling. I Love Lists is not for people who are rude, closed-minded, or are afraid of talking to strangers.

It’s so easy to buy tickets in advance, and completely safe because it’s all through Paypal. You can buy tickets with your card even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Get tickets in advance online for a cheaper price!
We reward our fans for planning ahead. If you’re a list-maker, you probably do this anyway. Once you book, we will send you a confirmation via email and we will guarantee your seats. We recommend buying tickets for your group in in one transaction, but if you are buying a single ticket and joining a friend’s table, please let us know which one you’re joining and we’ll shuffle our table plan.

If you like to fly by the seat of your pants you can buy tickets on the door, subject to availability, but we do sell out this event so we can’t guarantee entry for this method.┬áLike theatre or cinema tickets, we operate a no-returns policy, but if you let us know in advance we can move your tickets to another event in some circumstances.

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What Happens On The Night?

I Love Lists starts at 7:30pm in the basement bar of Drink, Shop & Do. Upon arrival, we’ll check you off our guest list and you can choose from an array of colourful list-making books. Some are ruled, some are blank, some have squares (v. continental!). You can borrow a pen from us, but you’ll probably have your favourite pen with you anyway (you’re a list-maker).

Because you booked your tickets in advance, we’ll have a table waiting for you. Order some dinner and drinks and get settled in for your list-making session. You can find menus on the venue’s website.

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The Lists!
List-making enthusiast Jess Indeedy (Crowned Queen Of Quirky Nights Out In London by Time Out, creator of Indeedy Musical Bingo, and founder of events company Indeedy Inc.) will lead the list-making session and provide the topics. These can include:

Top 10 Dishes Involving Potatoes
Things You’re Procrastinating
Favourite Films From Childhood
Things We Love About London (we tweet this list to Boris Johnson!)
Careers You’d Like To Try
Songs That Make Us Happy (we make a playlist from this for everyone to access on Spotify)
and many, many more!

List Challenges
Throughout the night we do a series of List Challenges to win goodies and sweets. These challenges have included listing all the planets in our solar system to the names of the characters in The Golden Girls. It’s a fun and silly mood-lightener, especially if we’ve been talking about self-improvement.

The Music
Music is an important part of the night – DJ Helix (Jess’ husband and creative director of Indeedy Inc.) plays an excellent list-making soundtrack. He mixes instrumental background music when we need to be focused with lighthearted, topical songs to match the list themes.

List Prizes

At the end of the night we hold an awards ceremony like no other – our guests are rewarded for things like good penmanship, doodling, fearless sharing, and they win prizes like stationery sets, books, and delicious treats.

The list-making session ends at 10pm, but DJ Helix carries on DJing because our guests stick around to discuss their experience of the night and unwind.

It’s More Than Just Nightlife
Our aim for I Love Lists is to provide a fun, inclusive, creative environment for people to feel safe sharing their ideas and to feel part of a like-minded community. It’s a learning opportunity, and the side effect is that since the content is created by the crowd we are given a snapshot of the collective consciousness. We always strive to improve the night, and everyone gets forms (yay, forms!) to fill out with their list suggestions for future sessions and their feedback.

We also have a great social networking presence, so do follow and befriend us at @IHeartLists on Twitter and I Love Lists on Facebook. For some stationery eye candy, we’re also on Pinterest (go on, we know that’s the one you’re going to click).

We hope this article gives you a good idea of what happens at I Love Lists, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or comment below and we’ll happily answer back!


Jess & The Indeedy Inc. Team

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