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10 Things To Declutter This Week

Clear your home of everything that doesn’t make you feel great this week!

Ahh so organised

1. Wardrobe/Closet
It’s time to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in years. Be ruthless. And once you’ve edited this down, re-organise your clothes by type, length, and then by colour. Picking out your fiercest outfits is about to get a lot easier!

2. The ‘junk drawer’ 
We’ve all got one. This is the place where we chuck bills we didn’t want to see, those clips you put on your bags of Doritos, takeaway menus, and charity pens. Give those pens back to charity, pay and (if you must) file away those bills, and put the menus in a clear plastic dossier for easy access.

Now this is my kind of before & after shot!

Now this is my kind of before & after shot!

3. Food cupboards
Check the expiry dates on everything, throw out anything old, and organise it all like you’d see it in the supermarket. Labels should always face forward and you should get a feeling of abundance when you open them, really. Sometimes when I open my cupboards I shout, “I’m rich!”.

mmm stationery

4. Stationery
If you’re on this website, it’s probably because you love lists. And if you love lists, you most likely love stationery and have piles of the stuff. Don’t save it for ‘good’, just use it! Go through it all, organise it by type. Test your pens. Throw anything out that doesn’t work or isn’t your style anymore. If you can, donate the stuff you don’t want to charity or to a local school. Once it’s all organised, you’ll find yourself sending thank-you notes more often (which is who you really want to be).

5. Base garms: underwear, socks, hosiery
If anything has holes in it or if the colour has faded, you should throw it away right now. There’s a lot more undercrackers where that came from. What message are you sending yourself if you aren’t 100% proud of what’s underneath it all?

6. Utility closet/airing cupboard
This is a tough one. You’ll probably have to lift some heavy stuff to achieve complete organisation of your utility closet so be sure to have a treat waiting for yourself afterwards. This space has the tendency to be a dumping ground for things you have no idea where to store. All I can say is make it as neat and beautiful as possible. What’s a pasta maker doing in there?

7. Bathroom cabinet
Anything with one squirt left in it, use it today and throw out the bottle. Get rid of any cosmetics that are old. Take a step back and ask yourself, is this set up working for me? Are you constantly reaching behind stuff when you’re getting ready in the morning? Put the things you use most on the easiest-to-reach shelves. Anything you never use can be chucked, this cabinet doesn’t HAVE to be completely full, you know.


This may have been acceptable for Kurt Cobain, but it’s not ok for you.

8. Storing seasonal clothes
Maybe you’re not as much as a fashion hoarder as I am, but I have so many clothes that I need to vacuum-pack my off-season stuff in order to have a functioning bedroom. I highly recommend this – it forces me to declutter at least twice a year. If there’s anything you don’t want to wear next summer/winter, and if it is not in top knick, get rid of it now and you’ll replace it next year if you really need it.

vintage utility bill

Now that’s an old utility bill.

9. Paper/Bills
Yeah you should save certain bills for x-amount of years. But do you really need that water bill from 2007? Probably not. Take a look at this article from Real Simple about what paperwork you should save and what you should throw out.


This does not mean you’re really popular.

10. Your email inbox
I am obsessed with email zero, so much so that I’ve embarked on mission to reduce the amount of emails I get every day. Even from my beloved event clients. These days we’re mostly communicating on shared event sheets (thanks, Google Docs) and phone chats. Real time = real progress. If you are one of those people who have 3,407 emails in your inbox, what you need to do is order those emails by sender and delete in chunks. For instance, you don’t need all those Amazon updates on products you looked at 2 years ago, do you? Get rid of them, and unsubscribe. Do this for every email offender in your inbox unless you really, really like getting their updates.

The only updates I keep are from brands, bands, and people I absolutely love.

Happy decluttering! Hope this process leaves you feeling as light, relaxed, and happy as it does for me.

Love, Jess Indeedy xo
Jess Headshot Lo

P.S. Did you find this article helpful or inspiring? Please let me know in the comments below!

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