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I Love Lists is a great entertainment option for corporate events. We can tailor the list-making content to match your event’s theme or team-building needs. It’s a great way to break the ice, for your staff to learn more about their colleagues, and to plan something different than the usual company party!

There’s no doubt that list-making increases productivity. Your I Love Lists event can be based on work-related or office-related topics, or it can be simply a fun night out to reward their hard work and we can keep the subject matter light.

Here are some sample list ideas for your event:

Favourite work-related tasks
Least favourite work-related tasks
Top 5 Local Lunches
My Most Prominent Achievements
Favourite Films From Childhood
Things I’m Good At
10 Compliments About The Person Next To You
Favourite Songs of All Time
Challenge: List As Many Corporate Jargon Phrases As You Can In 1 Minute
Favourite Desk Snacks

To find out more about how I Love Lists works for corporate functions, or for a sample running order of your event, please contact us at

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